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Beast (2022) Movie Review

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This is a taught thriller from director Balthasar Kumakur, who has also given us Everest, Two Guns, and Adrift. He’s great at creating tension and excitement within his stories, and in this, the minimal cast with a semi-contained location is what helps to enhance the anxiety of this now, in addition to idris Elbow, we have Charlotte Cooper, Leah Jeffries, and Ayanna Holly.

Even though it takes place on this massive wildlife preserve, it feels very small because of how isolating the terrain is okay, so let’s get this out of the way up front, the cgi with the lions. It is a mixed bag and quality now.

Now, I chose not to focus on these flaws too deeply in order to stay immersed in the narrative, but it would be very easy to get distracted when the effects look poor because the realism for the sequence has been shattered. I love that this story gets straight to the point once our characters arrive and then settle. The very next morning they head off on safari and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

And while we get some background on the characters right at the start of the story, there are some behaviours that Elba exhibits that make him less of a sympathetic character; he comes across as detached and even antagonistic to his daughters, which then makes me question whether or not I should root for him  Thankfully though, as the movie progresses, he does soften in his approach and he does become someone that we want to see succeed.

I also like that he’s an everyman in the film; he’s afraid a lot of the time, and he’s ill-equipped to deal with the extreme situations that he finds himself in, which adds realism to the narrative and engages me even more in the story because he becomes more relatable.

the camera work is phenomenal and it’s totally immersive. There are so many scenes that are long continuous takes that follow our characters through all sorts of areas, sometimes passing the areas to then spin around and then capture them from a different angle, which also then allows us to see character movements and reactions that are happening within the background that we hadn’t seen previous.

Now this technique made it feel like we were watching the events play out in real time, which then creates a bunch of anxiety and even apprehension. there are times when the characters encounter disturbing visuals which then leads us to believe that there is some imminent danger.

this is then  Enhanced by that never stopping movement  Of the camera now this sounds like it  Could be a bit hard to watch the  Majority is not shaky camp even though  It’s following through twists and turns  Of the locations I was floored at how  Enveloping the camera technique was at  That putting us right alongside of our  Characters in a way that we can feel  Their terror and their stress now the  Plot is fairly simple and therefore  Believable as we watch just this family  Who happens to be in the right spot at  The very wrong time.

There are a lot of conveniences built in  To give massive plot protection to our  Characters many times throughout the  Stories our characters they just should  Be more harmed based on the situations  Yet they’re mostly still able to move  About and there are points though that  Seem like a situation is fairly dire and  I like that the story just makes us sit  With it for an extended period of time  In order to increase the suspense.

I  Think this is a fun watch for a bit of  Escapism I mean is it the absolute best  Action thriller no of course not but I  Don’t think it’s going to disappoint  Especially if you hit it up at a matinee  So overall beast features immersive.

Camera work with long continuous takes  To place us in the middle of the action  And while the cgi is varied and how good  It looks the stress and anxiety of the  Real-time feel of the story accomplish  Its goal and then create an exciting and  Taught thriller there’s no sex or nudity.

A bunch of profanity and a ton of  Violence I give beast three and a half  Out of five couches so are there any  Animal thrillers that you love let me  Know what they are in the comments below.

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