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Brahmastra movie

Brahmastra Movie Review

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Brahmastra: Part One: Shiva is a new Indian film that I think could give the MCU and DCEU something to think about. When evil forces threaten the existence of all living things, a young man named Shiva must travel to find out who he really is. As you might have guessed from the title, this is part one of a planned trilogy.

has to overcome their flaws to become a better person and worthy of being called a hero. Shiva is just a good guy all the way through. He doesn’t have any dark secrets that he hides to keep up an image, and I love that. This movie has been on my “Can’t Wait To See” list for a while.

There are several song and dance numbers that are mostly towards the beginning or at least the first half of the film, but the songs are incredibly catchy, and I was definitely tapping my foot during a lot of them, and then to prove my point even more when I got out of my car afterwards, I put on the soundtrack on Spotify, and I just started listening now.

It was a lot to take in, but it’s no different from any other superhero story in that we’re given the basic mythology before diving into the story. As the story goes on, we learn more about the beings and their roles, so even if you miss small details in the beginning, you can still follow along.

After seeing the film, I discovered that those two married in real life this past April, so the chemistry we see on screen is actual real chemistry, if you know what I mean, and it really translates to us through the screen. Mooney Roy, if that’s how you pronounce her name, plays Junoon, the main antagonist within the story. She’s got this great look to her that makes her look menacing and powerful. She’s got these throat tattoos.

I love how the special effects are used to light them up at key moments to really intensify the power and rage that are emanating from her, and finally, the Gur, played by Amitabh Bachchan, is the final main character we have. I probably slaughtered his name, but he’s grandfatherly-looking, and I love the wisdom and the fierceness that his character has. Now he’s got this wicked weapon that is surprising, but it’s also cool. Now, there are large portions of this movie that rely heavily on CGI and other special effects.

So the overall feel of this depends on whether or not those graphics are passable, and they’re way more than passable; seriously, our current American superhero houses could learn a thing or two from this film when it comes to awesome-looking effects.

When it comes to the action sequences in this  there is a very minimal amount of slo-mo that’s utilized. Slow motion is now used sparingly and effectively to really enhance a motion or a fight movement, rather than relying on it throughout every sequence. Now, there are a lot of quick cuts when fights break out, especially in the first half of the movie, but they seem to lessen in favour of wider shots that showcase the fight choreography in the latter half of the film 

The fight choreography is a lot of fun to watch; there are so many hand-to-hand battles, but it’s also mixed with characters utilising specific supernatural skills, which then creates a lot of excitement and energy. Some of the cinematography is also beautiful  especially when we’re seeing city areas where large portions of people are gathered. The camera does a great job of showing not only the environment but also how people live there.

Because the antagonist is looking for some artefacts in order to carry out their plan, there is an urgency that we feel in the narrative that is present almost from the beginning. This creates momentum for the story that keeps it progressing but not in a rushed way, especially because there would be these interjections of songs or even character-building moments, and now there is a type of training montage that happens towards the end of the story.

I was concerned that it would become stale or even routine, but it was just long enough to be convincing in the character’s progression without becoming boring or outstaying its welcome. Speaking of length, this movie is 2 hours and 43 minutes long, but it didn’t feel that way. I do believe there was one point where I was curious about how much time had passed, but that was due more to the increasing pressure on my bladder than to the story.

Now for the overall story, I do think it has predictable moments and directions. There are some story reveals that felt like they were meant to be a surprise, but I had already guessed it way before the story told me, and I don’t think this is a huge negative to the narrative because the reveal just isn’t meant to be something so mysterious and shocking; otherwise, I hope that they would have really obscured the story.

Overall, Brahmastra: Part 1: Shiva is an exciting addition to the cinematic universe. The actors are charismatic and easy to root for, and the story is compelling and urgent. The mythology and lore are expertly supported by convincing special effects and fight choreography. The singing and dancing work to add to the beauty and energy of the story, rather than being a distraction.

I’m really excited to see the next chapter in this trilog, and I hope that we don’t have to wait too long for Bramhastra Part: Dev. There is a lot of violence, sexual ornithology, and very brief profanity. II Giv Bramastra Part 1: Shivaa gets four and a half couches out of five. So what’s   movie you’re really looking forward to seeing in the next couple of months? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this review, please give it a like. Also, don’t forget to share.

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