Entergalactic (2022)
Entergalactic (2022)

Entergalactic (2022) Netflix Movie Review

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I love it when animation is showcased in unique ways Intergalactic, a new romantic drama on Netflix, is a bit different from other shows in the same genre. Should you watch it? In Intergalactic, a young artist named Jabari tries to find a balance between love and success in New York. The show was created by Kid Cudi, who also voices Jabari. It has hypnotic animation and great music.

The art style is similar to what we saw in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, where there are a lot of bright colours that sometimes shift to look like a printed comic book. Characters, backgrounds  and all the settings are not flat  they have a depth that’s created by hard shadow lines, which I found to be wonderful to look at.

The animation is stunning and can only sustain us for so long, but the story is also engaging. I mean, it’s quiet and a bit patient in parts, but it’s a love story Jabari meets his neighbour Meadow, and they are immediately attracted to each other. Their conversations are cute and interesting, but what makes the story more realistic is that both Jabari and Meadow have friends with whom they can talk about their budding relationship.

These conversations can be crude at times, but they can also be funny and even touching. Their friends tell them both a truth that is almost unexpected. Jabari is an artist, and the beginning of the movie shows how his art is turning into a successful career. However, the story kind of forgets this arc as it goes on. For example, we see him working at a comic organization, but then it’s dropped for most of the movie.

His art is still brought up now and then, but the story isn’t balanced when it comes to showing how much he loves art and how it’s turning into a successful career and how it affects his relationships It’s not perfect storytelling  but I think there’s enough here to offset any minor shortcomings, so overall Intergalactic is a beautifully surreal animated film that’s grounded through relatable characters and dynamic dialogue The voice acting creates a realism that belies the dreamlike visuals, while small elements of the story feel forgotten for the majority of the film The narrative captures character arcs that feel genuine and substantial; their sexual nudity has a lot of profanity but not really any violence I get four Intergalactic couches out of five.

What’s an animated film that surprised you at how deep or engaging it was Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this review, and please give it a like.

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