Fakes (2022)
Fakes (2022)

Fakes (2022) Netflix Series Review

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When done correctly, movies and shows about entrepreneurial teenagers can be entertaining to watch. Netflix has a comedy series called Fakes that uses a real-life story as the backdrop, but is it any good? So, like I said, this is based on true events, but I’m sure many liberties are taken in the retelling of this story.

Fakes (2022)
Fakes (2022)

From the start, this show reminded me of another Netflix series based on true events, “How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. Now, in that the characters break the fourth wall and end up in absurd and tense situations, and Zoe and Becca are two high school friends who come up with the idea to sell the IDS, when their business becomes wildly popular and in demand, pressure builds and bad things start to happen.

This story is told through what she says she said. Type of Narrative We’ll watch a series of events unfold in an episode, with one of the two girls basically narrating at key points to fill us in. Then, in the next episode, we’ll see the same thing happen, but from the other girl’s point of view. As you can imagine, the points of view are always different, and the one telling the story at any given time is shown to be the more sympathetic character.

Some of the comedy in this series works, especially when the characters break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience. The snarky asides are funny but not overused, which is nice. In addition to Becca and Zoe, there is another semi-main character named Tryst. He’s a bit of a mystery in how he’s portrayed, especially when the two girls tell different stories about him.

It’s only shown to us once, so the reason for the scene is kind of strange. I don’t really know what to do with the information we get, other than to think that maybe it’s there to help us understand Standing or maybe have compassion for Fortress, but these odd glimpses into relationships aren’t just with Trist. We also see them with Becca and Zoe, and while their relationships may show how unhappy they are in general, the focus of the story is on Trist.

This is a 10-episode first season, and each episode is about 22 minutes long. It’s easy to watch all 10 episodes in one sitting, but I didn’t find the story easy to follow, especially with the characters’ strong emotions. I also think that 10 episodes are too many for what the story is about, and that a lot of the back and forth our characters do doesn’t move the plot forward.

Now, some of the situations are funny and even ridiculous, but the more the show went on, I was just wishing for faster conversations to get to the point more quickly. Now, frustratingly enough, this season ends pretty much mid-action, and like many shows that are retelling the real-life story, this starts out towards the end and then uses the majority of the show to give us all the back story while all the while bringing in It feels like the whole first season is just a set-up for season two, where the real story will start.

However, we all know that a second season is never guaranteed, especially on streaming services, so this cliffhanger ending could be the last we see of the story. That would be very disappointing, because even though I had problems with some of the presentation and especially the repetition, I was interested in this and I want to know how it ends.

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