Seoul Vibe (2022)
Seoul Vibe (2022)

Seoul Vibe (2022) Netflix Movie Review

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If you listened to last week’s podcast about the best thing we watched this week, you’ll know that the new Netflix film Soul Vibe isn’t about monkey laundering, but it is about a group of drivers who become involved in a plan to bring down a criminal organization, so is this real-life version worth it? On the day of the opening ceremony for the 1988 Seoul Olympics, a group of skilled drivers gets caught up in an investigation of a powerful person’s slush fund.

Seoul Vibe (2022)
Seoul Vibe (2022)

With acid-washed jeans and checkered vans, as well as 80s hip-hop mixed with street racing and some drifting cars, this is a film that fully embraces late 1980s nostalgia. It has more of a feeling of speed racing than of fast and furious movies or maybe even baby drivers, but even the group has to become couriers for the corrupt leaders, picking up their packages and delivering them to other places so that the dirty money can be cleaned up.

Most of the actors are charismatic, and even though there is a lot of silliness in the movie, they make me smile because they are honest and have morals even though they are low-level criminals. The main character is Uin, whom you may recognise from “Alive, Burning” or “Hellbound.” He’s the leader of the group that’s recruited to drive, and he’s also their main driver.

He’s passionate in his performance, and it’s easy to root for him because he cares about and looks out for his friends. He’s also a thinker, which we see in many ways. He’s not just a mindless speed demon who’s like The fun of the long sequence makes up for some of these flaws, but the poor quality of the effects really stands out. I like that this is a mix of comedy and drama, even if it is a bit over the top at times.

The emotions usually fit the scenes well and flowed naturally with the plot, so when our characters are in danger or stressed, they’re very serious and focused, and when they’re happy, they’re more lighthearted. It’s not revolutionary or novel, so thankfully we get charismatic characters who do make the story engaging, so overall, “Soul Vibe” is a somewhat cheesy action movie that relies heavily on its aesthetics; they’re well captured and maintain a good consistency of the late 1980s throughout from the cars.

The characters are fun to watch, even when they’re overly goofy or This isn’t a drop everything and watch type of movie, but I think it could put a smile on your face as an entertaining and casual watch. There’s no sex or nudity, a lot of profanity, and some crazy violence. I give it a soul vibe of three and a half out of five couches. I’ve seen most stuff this week, so I’d love to hear about something great to watch. Let me know if you enjoyed this review in the comments below, and don’t forget to share and subscribe. i’m chris This is movies and munchies, and I appreciate you couching with me.

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