The Lorenskog Disappearance (2022)
The Lorenskog Disappearance (2022)

The Lorenskog Disappearance (2022) Netflix Series Review

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The Lawrence Gog Disappearance was released in Norway a little over a year ago, but Netflix has only recently released it on their platform, so is this limited series worth checking out? The disappearance of Ann Elizabeth Hagen in 2018 shocked the whole country, and the mystery hasn’t been solved yet.

The Lorenskog Disappearance (2022)
The Lorenskog Disappearance (2022)

Investigators and journalists will find out how far they’re willing to go to find out what happened. This is a five-part limited series about the mysterious disappearance of the wife of a very wealthy businessman.

The episodes are each around 50-ish minutes, but sometimes they do feel longer than that due to the patient storytelling pace There isn’t much action in this to really boost the adrenaline. It’s all about the dialogue and the mystery of the case, and each of the five parts focuses on a different group or part of it. For example, the first episode is all about the investigators, who tell us about the crime and show us how it happened from their point of view.

The second episode is all about the journalists, who look at the same case from a completely different angle. that excels by presenting the narrative from multiple viewpoints, while the pace is slower The slow way the story is told creates a quiet sense of uncertainty about what happened and who was to blame.

I do think the series loses the plot a bit in order to focus on its commentary, but it does regain focus to hone back in on the central narrative This is a beautiful series to view with colour palettes that complement the tone of the story, but unfortunately the ending has the potential to frustrate viewers There’s no sex or nudity, but a lot of profanity and some violence, as evidenced by the disappearance of Lawrence Gog. Three out of five couches  so have you seen any good mysteries lately? Let me know in the comments below.

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